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[공지] UNDP JPO 직위 지원시 첨부파일 게재 방법

  • 등록일 2021-08-03 00:00:00.000
  • 조회 1662
  • 문의처 [외교부 > 국제기구국 > 유엔과] 02-2100-8421,7241

On the site there is a PDF with guidance :

For guidance on how to upload , you may share the following:


When you have complied all the required information on your application and submitted it, you can go to Careers home and then by:


  • Clicking on [applicant attachments] on “my career tools” box :



  • You will need to scroll down to the bottom if you have applications and then Clicking on [add attachment] under “attachments” box

  • Selecting the type of attachment you are uploading

  • Writing the attachment purpose

  • Clicking on [add attachment]
  • Selecting the attachment

  • Clicking on [save & return] if it’s just one or click on [Save &Add More] to continue uploading files.
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